The 7S Model for Organizational Change

Businesses around the world strive for growth and profitability. Although there are various success formulae described for a successful organization, but it is important to ensure which one generalizes in a way that covers all the aspects of the business. The 7S model for business strategy and goals developed by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman... Continue Reading →

Why Investments in Dubai Real Estate is safe through Escrow

Dubai Real Estate has been a significant investment vehicle for investors around the globe. Investments in Dubai Real Estate does not only offer safety and security, but also offers tax free investment opportunities that are lucrative for any kind of investor seeking better returns. When it comes to investment in Dubai, Dubai Land Department has... Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurship and success definition

Entrepreneurship is not something that you can learn through theories. It is a definition of success, an achievement and even a life term goal for some people. Getting to the peak of the mountain requires share hard work, smart thinking, gutsy decisions and even relentlessness. There are times when you have to be slow deliberately... Continue Reading →

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